Our Vision

Skyway Center at San Carlos Airport was designed from the ground up as a clean sheet campus to offer a new generation of aviators a complete Aviation Lifestyle, not just hangar storage. While a hangar can be as rudimentary as a T-shaped metal box meant only to keep an aircraft out of the elements, it is underwhelming storage for an aviation asset that exceeds the median home price in the US. Moreover, aircraft hangars are too often seen simply as a “cost of airplane ownership,” as opposed to an amenity within a welcoming, club-like atmosphere that complements the aviator’s lifestyle. The aviation industry has changed significantly the past 50 years, yet where we store our airplanes has not kept pace.

With the exception of the handful of Cessna or Piper single engine airplanes still in production, most aircraft in production today that use San Carlos Airport had not been invented when the hangars which once stood on the grounds of the campus were built. The heyday of modern general aviation aircraft production was 1978, when 14,398 single engine piston aircraft were delivered in the US. In 2019, US aircraft manufacturers delivered just 1,509 single engine pistons. In 1978, Cirrus and Diamond did not exist as aircraft manufacturers. Pilatus had not yet invented the PC-12, and Daher-Socata’s TBM series was likewise only a dream.

Today, more single engine turboprops are built each year than Cessna’s single engine pistons, the price of a well-equipped Cirrus SR-22T approaches $1M, yet no one builds a hangar campus for the Bay Area’s modern aircraft owner/operator…until now. Designed, built, and managed by pilots, Skyway Center offers the amenities of a member-only club, the camaraderie of a community of aviators, and a campus to make a corporate flight department jealous.

Join us at Skyway Center at San Carlos and experience an Aviation Lifestyle, not just a place to store your plane.

Skyway Center’s Hangar Names

While the phonetic alphabet is often used in hangar naming conventions, each Skyway Center hangar honors an aviatrix of the 20th century. While most know the name of Ameilia Earhart, our hangars honor lesser known yet pioneering female aviators such as Harriet Quimby, the first woman to fly across the English Channel in 1912, and Bessie Coleman, who was both the first African American and Native American to earn a pilot’s license. Modern heroes including Jeana Yeager and Christa McAuliffe are also honored by Skyway Center.

Although Skyway Center honors women who have played an outsized role in aviation’s development, we are equally aware women in aviation are underrepresented today. According the FAA’s 2019 U.S. Civil Airman Statistics (2019), of the 466,900 certificated pilots, a mere 5.5% are female. Further, among certificated aircraft mechanics, only 2.5% or 7,573 are female. We also aim to change this, through the Skyway Center Aviatrix Scholarship.

Skyway Center Aviatrix Scholarship (SCAS)

Skyway Center at San Carlos has committed to the funding of recurring annual scholarships of $5,000, administrated through Women in Aviation, the leading industry association representing women pilots. This scholarship, known as the Skyway Center Aviatrix Scholarship (SCAS) promote and help fund the chosen career path of the next generation of aviatrix, either as a pilot or mechanic.

To learn more about these scholarships, Contact Us.